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commissions are open! email me for details.

✧ ◦ ∙ ◦ those girls are cute,
but they’re always up to no good ✧ ○ ◦ ✧

a belated bday gift for one of my best friends and one of the best people in the known universe, elected president-queen of shoujo and feminism, grand cat-appraiser, ultimate witch bitch, the leslie knope and sailor moon of my life - - CC !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♡


More and more FujoSports previews!!! Here’s an image of the cover, as well as a taste of the pages inside. There will be a spot gloss layer on the final book — I made an animated gif below to demonstrate (I hope it works on Tumblr….)!!! The cover illustration is courtesy of Wai Au and the design by Dirchansky with Kim Hoang assisting.

We’re currently working on some pre-order bonus goods and meanwhile we hope you can help spread the word, if you are into sports comics as-seen-through-lady-eyes :D 

It’s gonna be beautiful and you can keep checking back here for more news about the pre-order online as well as for our debut at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 10th and 11th!!

Love Love Hill members will also be participating in some TCAF programming, including a panel on sports comics/manga and our Japan trips of the last two years with them. Hope to see you there! More news forthcoming as those details firm up.

We’re running hard at all the goals! There’s plenty more to be seen on our contributors’ personal blogs and websites, so to end things, here’s a handy list for you to enjoy:

Cat Bluemke - Justin Lanjil - Laura Tryon - Dirchansky - Kim Hoang - jakface - koyar

tests for a mini i’ll have at TCAF~~

seaeyedraw asked: Hi! Um this isn't really an ask, I just wanted to say that I really love your work! Your colors are amazing and House of Orr is just gorgeous to look at : )

oh gosh, thanks so much!!!! i am very glad to hear it :3

★ HOUSE of ORR ★
• The House of Orr and the Capital Ball •

The Orrs are finally settled into the Capital, they’ve been fitted for formal wear and finally got some decent rest in their dorms at the hostel. But it isn’t time to relax just yet!! Now comes perhaps the biggest event the Orrs have had to face - the Capital Ball! Everyone is dressed to the nines and ready to court, dance, and recruit. 

New to House of Orr?
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my girls

dream team


HELLO EVERYONE! I’m offering full-body limited palette commissions! If you are interested drop me a line at my email address


with links to references of what you want drawn, how you want it drawn, and the colour palette you want it in. If I accept I require payment up front to my paypal (same as my email) before I start anything.

I do not draw porn but I’m fine with nudity. I will also be posting finished commissions on my art blog, but if you do not want your commission posted I require an additional fee of $2 CND.

After I have finished your commission I will send the hi-res jpeg to you through email for you to do with as you wish (so long as it’s not for-profit heh) and if you want the finished drawing as a transparent let me know ahead of time.

I have five slots open for this weekend/the following week

ALSO: The first five people to commission me get a free icon done up as well!

1. rayrayinspace

2. open

3. open

4. open

5. open

If you don’t plan on commissioning me (I know money is tight for a lot of us :c) I would really appreciate it if you could reblog this post and share it among your friends in case they’re interested.

Thanks y’all!

Hey y’all!! You should REALLY consider getting a commission from Gizzle - her work is absolutely cute and charming, and it would be well worth your money and help her out a lot!!


✿ flower girls








I’ve got 11 copies of Reverb #1 and 13 copies of Reverb #2 just sittin’ around! They could be yours!!! Get at me via the above urls

ahhhh, you guys!! Reverb is a super super excellent and hilarious comic and y’all should be reading it!! I highly recommend getting physical copies, but you can get em on gumroad too. Check it out!

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