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Victoria goes to TCAF ! YEAHHH !

In-keeping with the Spera Table In Flames theme, our table is 259, engulfed in flames. I’ll be joining the wonderful Josh Tierney, Hwei, and Kyla Vanderklugt. 

We’ll have copies of Spera: Magical Girls on sale, as well as Spera: Vol I and postcards for Spera: Vol II. Hwei and Kyla will also have some personal work for sale, so you should check it out ! 

I’ll be bringing some copies of my Forever Boys gag minis, and those will be FREE ! So please, come by and reblog this for people going to TCAF !!

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    Alright if you are at TCAF go to this table, YOU WON’T REGRET IT
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    The lovely lovely Victoria is going to TCAF this weekend and you should all go see her! Her minis are super cute and...
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