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When Professor Pfie first began teaching young mages at Bakunini University, he dreamed of having a pupil he would truly inspire. Indeed, several of the other Sorcerers at the university chose star students, perhaps only for a semester or two, or sometimes for the entire duration of their time studying academia. In a capitol so lush with bright young students, it wasn’t very hard to find a student who would teach you as much as you would teach them.

Sometime three years ago, Professor Pfie taught a bright young witch named Afia. He helped her acquire her first familiar, her crow. This witch, he knew, was going to be his star student, the brilliant mage-to-become-sorcerer who would follow in his footsteps and inspire another generation of students.

And then, one early morning, Afia showed up on the balcony of the second floor of his apartment (which he had never given her the address to) to ask him several in-depth questions about other sorcerers at the university and their familiars. This was when Pfie realized (for the first time) he may have gotten in over his head.  

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